Never Have I
Never have I-
Had the patience to say, “No,
You aren’t perfect.”

Never Have I-
Wanted so bad to see you frown

Arguable, this feeling,
A volcano erupting.

Never have I-
Wanted so badly for you to fight
Because a fight means you cared for something
Or someone.

You thrive off my shaking,
Beating heart

You eat away at
My trembling;
Take a crisp bite
Out of the apple of my eye.
Your scent is
Bitter, stinging.

I almost cry as
My teeth bite my tongue,
Hoping for relief—
No, only more pain.

Red Velvet
Blood forms in a pool,
Smooth like red velvet,
Bunched up in packs of
Eights and fives and
Infinities, the taste of
Soaked pennies in my
Mouth, turning ‘round
And ‘round and
Take a breath of
That mossy, moldy
Velvet. Cough and sputter
Foggy breaths of
Life which form
In a pool of red velvet.
What a sight to see.

He sits upon a hill and thinks
The day, it seems so long.
The wind, it moves and twists, and reeks,
The day, it carries on.

My heart, it yearns to hold your hand.
My head says you’re not well.
But who am I to know your stand?
I don’t want to see you fail.

In every gasp I watch you take
I see a part of me,
In every tear in which you make
Me catch and let it be.

You left one day, and never saw
The people you would hurt.
We miss you so, oh please—
Don’t go—
And leave me in your dirt.


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