It’s official! I have two interviews for internships in Chicago, with more hopefully coming on the way.  It’s really eye-opening, and makes me realize that I’ve finally gotten to where I want to be.  I’m happy, but also terrified–but a good terrified.  It also makes me realize how independent I’ve had to become in order to get to this point.

There are some people in the world who aren’t able to do things on their own.  One example of this are the girls who can’t go a couple weeks without a boyfriend.  Safe to say, I’ve been single most of my life–something that some people can’t handle.  However, it’s made me realize that I’ve been able to get through all the difficult times in my life with a strong head on my shoulders, which is something I’m extremely proud of.  

This summer, I welcome an adventure into my life; I welcome something that when I was a young girl who first encountered chronic panic attacks and anxiety issues, I never thought I would’ve been able to do.  Today my mother asked me, “Why don’t you just stay in East Lansing for the summer?” And I answered, “Why not?” I need to welcome a challenge I’ve never before experienced.  Something that will further challenge my independence and question myself.  But that’s what we all need, a challenge.  To be pushed into a situation we’re uncomfortable with.  To journey somewhere we’ve never been, to feel emotions we’ve never before felt.

Over the past two years since my dad died, I’ve felt every emotion a person could bear.  But all the while I’ve striven to find a source of strength I didn’t know was hidden inside me.  I welcome new challenges because they’re what has made me who I am. I welcome new challenges because they’ve made me the strong, independent person I never thought I could be.